This being human,

My favorite poem to date-

I randomly stumbled across this poem and it moved me.

Its my go to when I have mixed emotions and it always somehow calms me down.

Everything happens for a reason I believe and this poem teaches to embrace all moments in our lives with an open mind and heart.

‘Welcome and entertain them all’

Well this sounds crazy right? But I am sure that’s just how it goes,don’t dwell on stuff and celebrate every moment being joyful and worry free,

Don’t run away from whatever you are going through but welcome and entertain it,walk and see it through.

I wouldn’t want to go deep into it,it just evokes emotions in me in its own way.

All I can say is-

It speaks volumes..


Copy from journal

Under the title WORDS FLOWING- thats the name of the whole folder,I write when my heart is sore..

A relationship is you opening up and letting the next person in-they may not know the part you keep to yourself but you have to give up a piece of you and trust that they won’t carelessly drop it.

Its the fundamentals of give and take and you before me or rather the lets meet in the middle-

Its the work of mirroring their emotions and wanting to see them smile and happy constantly-

The idea of looking forward to so much as talking to them every minute and being in their presence.

Its an art with no perfection nor master-

Its a brush we hold to a canvas and hope the work is fine or at least close enough.

The disagreements and imperfections are what blanket it as beautiful and the ups and downs that mould.

The bickering and the banter to the sweet lingering kisses and touches..

The moments of looking through their eyes wanting to know their deepest fear and hoping to be the one to ease their hurt.

The moments you cannot fully explain to them how they really make you feel because there are no words or because you are just not cut out-

The work you put into having to understand common ground of the love language one uses ties it up beautifully with a bow that baskets all the memories,hopes and dreams.

Its an art with no perfection nor master..

Figure it out..

Im literally twiddling my thumbs in between typing..

As my first post-I do not know exactly what to write about.

Should I start off introducing myself?

I mean I am completely new to this -I have had this blog for a while and this is me finally getting to exercise my full potential –

All I have is a deep throbbing feeling within me that doesn’t go away,that constantly nags me to get my pen and journal or open my notes on my phone and just empty my heart and thoughts out.

I have journals for different stuff, well specifically two currently.

1- is my personal one(Im doing a horrible job at keeping it updated)

2.- is my eureka book,whatever awesome idea I get thats mostly lined with business it gets written down.

I have different tabs if I may call them that on my phone where I jot down notes and pretty much anything that needs to be written,

I love writing-I just brush it off so much,so now its time.

Im going to dedicate myself to writing at least once a week,I am yet to pick a specific day that I designate and I want to commit.

The idea behind this blog is to FIGURE IT OUT,all of it,most of it,whatever of it that I can..

So to an amazing journey that is just about to begin-

I say as I am just about to embark on a verbal journey where I share personal stories and impersonal. Where I will learn to improve my grammar and so many other things

..I wish me well..